Yak's North America

Here you will find a combination of Operational and Instructional videos for the Yak’s Universal and Old style valve. These videos will help you to understand how to run the Yak’s system in an efficient and problem-free way.

Drivers Operational Videos

DISCLAIMER: It is mandatory to watch the video below before watching the Operational Video.

Kelly runs through the simple operation of the Yak's System.

Private Videos

The content provided here is private. In order to access this content, you will need to download the PDF provided below. Sign and return via email to mel@yaksnorthamerica.com. Upon receiving the signed PDF, you will be added to our authorized agent list as this is required pursuant to #6 of the Alberta Transportation specifications. After this, we will provide you with a series of links to view the Yak’s Setup and Installation videos required to use the Yak’s System.